• Web sites

    Modern, responsive and unique

    • Present your self to the world
    • Make a good impression on the user
    Web sites - modern, unique and responsive design
  • Web shops

    Sell online easily

    • Sell your products and services worldwide
    • One warehouse for the whole world
    Web shops and custom CMS
  • Web applications

    Manage complex data systems easily

    • Database driven web applications
    • Custom solutions and systems
    • Easy to use - User focused/friendly
    Web application - database driven
  • Internet marketing

    Boost your business up

    • With website, you have a car for a race, but ...
    • ... if you invest in internet marketing, you have a space shuttle for a race
    • Enterprises investing in internet marketing are 100% more successful
    • Whatch your business grow with new business partners
    Internet marketing - Google (AdWords, Analytics), Facebook, You Tube

About Virtual Wizards

Who we really are - Our profile

Virtual wizard is above everything a creative person who enjoys exploring and creating a superb web stuff (web sites, apps, games, animation etc.). We love what we do and we want to be the best.
When you finish some kind of job/project but you feel that somehow it can be even better - it's good but can be great and you can't stop until it really is a piece of art. That is who we are.

Our goals:

Life goals:

  • Do what we love to do
  • Live out of what we love to do
  • Be great in what we do
Business goals (inside):

  • Responsible and conscientious
  • Team work and understanding
  • Let's do the job and let's do it great, but let's also be happy and smile as we do the work
Business goals (outside):

  • Satisfied customers
  • Satisfied business partners
  • Be proud on finished projects