• Web sites

    Modern, responsive and unique

    • Present your self to the world
    • Make a good impression on the user
    Web sites - modern, unique and responsive design
  • Web shops

    Sell online easily

    • Sell your products and services worldwide
    • One warehouse for the whole world
    Web shops and custom CMS
  • Web applications

    Manage complex data systems easily

    • Database driven web applications
    • Custom solutions and systems
    • Easy to use - User focused/friendly
    Web application - database driven
  • Internet marketing

    Boost your business up

    • With website, you have a car for a race, but ...
    • ... if you invest in internet marketing, you have a space shuttle for a race
    • Enterprises investing in internet marketing are 100% more successful
    • Whatch your business grow with new business partners
    Internet marketing - Google (AdWords, Analytics), Facebook, You Tube

References - Our web work

Check out some of our web projects

Our web projects speak for themselves. They must be of the highest quality - we made them. Some of them are:

Rijeka international airport

About the project - Rijeka international airport

Rijeka airport is a complex and big project where we had to create complete web redesign, plus CMS that will be used for website data/multimedia administration. Graphics and web design are unique, which means no templates were used, everything was built from zero. As this is not a simple webpage with 5 subpages, but a website with 30+ subpages on three different languages, and specific CMS - backend possibilities, we had to build fully customized CMS solution with custom modules for Airport administration stuff for different types of jobs. For example, CMS offers: flights administration, website content management, users control, reports from google analytics and more.
Check Rijeka international airport website

Oto Nautika rental services

About the project - Oto Nautika jet ski and watter sports rental services

Oto Nautika web project main goal was to improve search engine position. However, in this case it also required complete web redesign, as old website wasn't responsive. This website has different site look for every product it offers, web design is adjusted to content and product/service. With that kind of approach, website viewers have the best possible user experience, which creates potential buyers. Besides all mentioned, this project also has webshop implemeted - complete online shop solution with backend administration of orders, services, prices etc. Project also includes continuos SEO (search engine optimisation), plus Google AdWords marketing campaigns and Facebook ads. With this internet marketing investments, website is always on top in Google :)
Check OtoNautika website

Njivice tours - apartments

About the project - Njivice Tours

Njivice Tours tourist agency web project main goals were to attract more visitors to website and to create brand new website presentation of company. Also, there is a web application to manage billing and payments for house owners.
Check Njivice Tours website

Topic-com stone processing - stone, marble, granit

About the project - Stone processing Topić

Stone processing company "Topić-com" required complete web re-design to modernise their web look and business presentation on internet. Responsive design for mobile devices is stil in progress but website is already attracting customers.
Check Topic-com stone processing website

Adria Apartments Krk

About the project - Adria Apartments Krk

Simple presentatation of private accommodation but with plenty of information (20+ subpages on 4 languages) to boost up search engine position.
Check Adria Apartments Krk website


About the project - PUB Adventure association

Old project (2012) but a special one. Goal was to bulid logo and special/unique website design. Photoshop was here tool number 1.
Check PUB Adventure association website

Semisubmarine Marlin

About the project - Semisubmarine "Marlin"

Same as above. Old project but very very special. Goal was to bulid highly attractive and interactive web site design. Photoshop and Flash were main tools.
Check Semisubmarine Marlin website

... to be continued ...